Pre-Shoot Checklist - LightViva


Remove all cars from driveway

Close all windows

Remove any damaged screens/shutters

Remove Christmas lights or seasonal decor

Pick up leaves or any other debis

Put toys, bikes away

Move boats, campers or other vehicles off premisis

Remove water hoses Straighten and arrange deck furnature

Clean pools or ponds

Interior: Main Areas

Remove personal items

Remove Family Photos

Remove clutter Open blinds

Check all light bulbs

Put away all children's toys

Remove visible waste baskets

Hide pet any pet item Bed/Dishes/Toys

Vacuum all carpets and rugs

Check all rugs remove any with wear

Sweep hard floors Wipe hard surfaces

Display attractive books Turn off televisions

Turn on all lights

Interior: Dining Room

Push in dining room chairs

Add centerpiece or candles

Set the table for dinner

Add a vase of fresh or fakes flowers

Add a bottle of wine with glasses

Interior: Bedrooms

Make all the beds

Arrange pillows

Put away and clothing and shoes

Clean under the bed

Clear surfaces of clutter

Remove hampers and dirty clothes

Arrange nightstands and dresser tops

Interior: Kitchen

Remove items from refrigerator door

Store food in cabinets

De-clutter counters

Stow small appliances-coffee makers

Hide soap & cleaning items

Hide dish towels


Organize items on shelves

Place bowl of fruit on counter

Less is more try to remove as much as possible

Spic and Span should be super clean and empty

Interior: Bathrooms

Make bathrooms sparkle

Fresh towels

Clear counters of toiletries

Clean mirrors and surfaces

Clean toilet and close lid

Remove all items from tub and shower

Remove visible waste baskets

Remove old or worn shower curtains

Must be cleanest room in the house

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